Together we can reignite hope


Inspiring a better way of living to reignite hope

This campaign is a solidarity effort that brings support to the affected communities of the coastal areas of Guanacaste.

Together, we seek to positively chain the micro-economy of Brasilito, Matapalo and Huacas, beginning to provide the economic means to families so that they can cover their food needs through the associated ‘sodas’ (local restaurants), which will provide the necessary incentive to maintain jobs assets and help local producers.

This is how you can reignite hope:

For every $35 donated we will hand out 10 Hope Tickets through NGOs to people in need in the surrounding communities.

Each Hope Ticket can be exchanged for 1 meal in any of the local affliliates ‘sodas’.


Donate through bank deposit


Reserva Conchal S.A.

Cédula Jurídica 3-101-124933

Dólares IBAN CR16015201325000090759

Colones IBAN CR26015201325000090676

Please use the code TOGETHER in the subject of the transaction in order to track the donation.



Here's your escape plan

Returning to nature is investing for the future. Reserva Conchal, a nature-based community.