Working at Reserva Conchal gives you the opportunity to perform a role in a company managed under a triple bottom-line model to achieve objectives in the social and environmental dimensions with the same rigor as it does in the economic realm.

Reserva Conchal seeks the integral achievement of goals as human beings, not only as professionals,
offering the possibility to make a positive impact on our society.
Becoming part of Reserva Conchal’s conscious community as a collaborator means you are
not only investing in a career, but supporting a green future.


Extending inland from the white sand beach of Playa Conchal, 930 hectares of Costa Rican nature make up Reserva Conchal. As its name suggests, the vast majority of this area is dedicated to a nature reserve, in addition to eleven residential communities, two hotels and a golf course.

The resort hosts a variety of community activities, fitness classes and fun events, in addition to operating 13 restaurants, bars and a Beach Club.

Our parent firm is Florida Ice and Farm Company (FIFCO), a prominent Costa Rican food and beverage corporation founded in 1908. Reserva Conchal operates under FIFCO’s triple bottom-line strategy, in which economic, social and environmental sustainability are valued equally.

Reserva Conchal is a fully-owned subsidiary of FIFCO that dates back to the late 1980s, when Colombian brewery Bavaria Group invited FIFCO and the Spanish hospitality group Sol Meliá to establish a joint venture to develop the resort. Over time, FIFCO increased its shareholding interest until it became 100% owner in 2007.

FIFCO is the largest publicly traded company in Costa Rica and one of the biggest corporations in Central America. FIFCO is a multinational beverage and food company, with retail and real estate investments, based in Costa Rica. FIFCO has 6,441 employees and operates in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and the United States, with other equity participations in operations in Nicaragua and Panama. FIFCO is a public company in the National Stock Exchange of Costa Rica with more than 2,260 shareholders. It has nine manufacturing sites, exports to 11 countries and has a portfolio of more than 1,500 products.

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