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An Eco Resort In Costa Rica

Sustainability Commitment

For Reserva Conchal, sustainable development is not a system or a process – it’s a way of life. We have embraced this philosophy as our primary development strategy, focusing on the expansion of three complimentary pillars that form the Reserva Conchal business plan: economic, social and environmental development.

Our company believes in development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to enjoy the environment through out eco friendly resorts in Costa Rica. This is why Reserva Conchal’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program works with a clear commitment to the environment, communities, suppliers, governability and public politics.

To facilitate the high standards of eco-environmental protection in and around Reserva Conchal, the developer created the Department for Community Relations and the Environment in 2003. This department leads important programs to help protect our beautiful and fragile environment. We invite you to navigate through this section and discover our sustainable efforts in greater detail.

awards & certificates


STC (Sustainable Tourism Certification)

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute has certified Reserva Conchal as a resort with a sustainable model in terms of social, natural and cultural resources. 


Carbon Positive

Reserva Conchal´s hotel and golf course are carbon positive. That means we compensate 25% above our total carbon emissions. We are thrilled to have achieved this goal!


Audubon International Rating

The Reserva Conchal Robert Trent Jones II golf course was the first in Costa Rica to be recognized by Audubon International for its environmentally friendly efforts.

Blue Flag

Blue Flag

Reserva Conchal has received recognition for Beach Blue Flag, Sustainable Homes Blue Flag, Wildlife Refuge Blue Flag and Community Blue Flag. 


Social & Environmental Commitments

Reserva Conchal is aware that no business can be successful unless it includes two priorities as part of its culture: a green heart and a genuine interest in the community that surrounds it.

When it comes to our employment culture, we are certified by Great Place to Work® as one of the best companies to work for in Central America. We generate 800 direct Jobs and 86% from those Jobs are people from the province of Guanacaste. But we know that our company can only grow if our workers, their families and neighbors have a personal and professional drive to improve their quality of life by taking care of areas such as health, education and home. This is why our Department for Community Relations and the Environment continuously develops social programs with the purpose of building a stronger community in the neighboring districts. Supporting the identity, interests and culture of local populations is a main part of our business strategy.

Our actions toward this goal include providing preventive wellness and sports programs and supporting local schools. Within our social efforts, we have also placed special emphasis on improving the green conscience of our surrounding communities through environmental education. For example, we support the SALVEMONOS organization, which builds special bridges that allow monkeys to cross safely over power lines using cords instead of holding onto the dangerous wires. This is just one way we demonstrate our desire to live in a world where our local communities learn to cherish the natural beauty that is Guanacaste and improve their own lives by preserving the environment. As part of these actions, we have worked with local schools, using fun and interactive activities for children, and implemented recycling campaigns .

Blue Flag Environmental Program

The Blue Flag Environmental Program is an annual award that recognizes effort and volunteer work in the pursuit of conservation and development, consistent with the protection of natural resources, the implementation of actions to address the climate change, the search for better sanitary conditions and the improvement of the public health of the people of Costa Rica. The four categories in which Reserva Conchal has received recognition are: 

  • Beach Blue Flag
  • Sustainable Homes Blue Flag
  • Wildlife Refuge Blue Flag
  • Community Blue Flag

Dual Education Program

Led by Reserva Conchal with the collaboration of the INA (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje) and the German Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica, this program offers at-risk citizens of Guanacaste training as hotel cooks, wait staff and bartenders. From 2014 through 2016, we have had a total of 115 students graduate the program. 54 students came from the gastronomy class, 44 from bartender/server and 17 from hosekeeping. 



Implementation year: 2014, 2015 and 2016
Graduates: 54


Professional Bartender & Waiter

Implementation year: 2014, 2015, 2016
Graduates: 44



Implementation year: 2014
Graduates: 17

Surf for Youth:

One of our shining-star community programs is Surf for Youth. Reserva Conchal and The Westin Golf Resort & Spa have teamed up with Waves Surf School Costa Rica and other local tourism businesses to support a surf team of 15 teenagers from the neighboring towns of Brasilito and Santa Rosa. Our goal is to introduce the incredible sport of surfing to boys and girls who have limited resources, and to encourage them to see it as a way of life that helps them stay healthy. But no cutting class to surf – in order to be on the team, the students must maintain good grades at school.

Volunteer Program

As part of their commitment to working at a sustainable resort, Reserva Conchal staff members participate in frequent volunteer opportunities to serve our community. In 2015, we completed 2,956 hours of volunteer work in an array of community related and environmentally conscious initiatives! While these programs change monthly depending on the current needs of Guanacaste and the surrounding area, past activities have included: 

  • Working at the local food bank
  • Cleaning up beaches and the community
  • Serving as turtle nest protection guards
  • Improving local school infrastructures

Interested in becoming involved to do some good during your visit to Reserva Conchal? We invite our guests to join us in many of these activities.  Most consistently, we accept help at the local food bank outreach. How does it work? When the big companies around town find that they cannot sell certain items as expected, they donate them to the central food bank located on Reserva Conchal land (outside of the resort gates). Although most of our guests never see this center during their stay, it is a critical part of our community and continual source of hope to countless needy families. Many of them rely on it to provide food for their tables and wait to receive the weekly call from the center’s staff each week telling them their items are ready for pickup. Reserva Conchal volunteers may be requested to assist with unloading, sorting and even distributing these items to the families. The overall experience is truly rewarding and offers a way to make a lasting impression for positive change in our community! 

Get to know more about the Food Bank in this video.

Guests who wish to spend a few hours giving back to this community during their stay are encouraged to contact the concierge to learn more.

Enviornmental Efforts

Nursery: Over the last 10 years, we have planted and grown more than 15,000 trees in the Reserva Conchal nursery, which protects, preserves and enhances the natural and sustainable development of endemic species in the area.

Bokashi, The Intelligent Use of Organic Waste: Reserva Conchal produces its own organic fertilizer known as Bokashi, for maintenance of the nursery and green areas. More than 45 tons are produced per month!